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Inspections for Building Plan Approval Minor Works

  • Concrete Encasement
  • New Property Connection Point (PCP or Junction)
  • Piering

These site visits are conducted to determine if the works that are being constructed adjacent to or on a Sydney Water asset is in accordance with the stamped Structural Engineering / Design Plans. The results of each inspection will be then reiterated on to a Work As Constructed plan for Sydney Water issue.

Price: $400.00 plus. GST – EACH

Please Note:

If the Sydney Water asset is outside the approval scope of Ausflow (as per the Sydney Water Guidelines), the project will be referred directly to Sydney Water. Additional charges may apply.

If proposed structure being erected over / adjacent to the Sydney Water asset is classified as a Lightweight structure, the owner of the property has the option to either concrete encase the asset, (thus making the asset maintenance free) or to sign an indemnity, granting Sydney Water permission to remove the structure during maintenance works.

Removal of the structure will only be required in the instance that it is found to be obstructing the access to the Sydney Water asset. Please note that Sydney Water will not reimburse the owner for the cost of the structure that is removed.


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