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Sydney Water Accredited Company

Accredited for most Sydney Water Services

Ausflow is a Sydney Water accredited company, holding official accreditations for a wide range of Sydney Water services, including peg out reports, section 73 approvals and certification, major and minor works designs; and construction of most kinds of sewerage, potable water, recycled water and stormwater assets. This rare set of skills and accreditations makes us the favourite “one stop shop” to complete the Sydney Water services required by many developers.

Accredited for Sydney Water services of Water Servicing Coordinator (WSC), Service Protection Reporter, Designer

Our Peg Out Department is Sydney Water Accredited under the Services Locator for Service Protection Reports (Pegout) listing. See our pegout page for more details.

Our Coordination and Design department has been recently awarded a new partnership with Sydney Water for a period of 5 years (until end of 2023), and will stay a Sydney Water accredited company until then. After a selective tender process during which we demonstrated our expertise, proven excellence records and Engineering Competency Standards; Sydney Water decided to award our coordination and design department extensive accreditations for Water Servicing Co-ordinator and Design works. The following Sydney Water services (as officially standardised) can be performed by Ausflow to assist you with your challenging developments:

  • D-W1 and S-W1 – Design and Site inspection accreditation for Water reticulation DN100-375mm,
  • D-S1 and S-S1 – Design and Site inspection accreditation for Waste Water reticulation DN150-300mm,
  • D-RW and S-RW – Design and Site inspection accreditation for Recycled Water DN65-375mm,
  • D-S2 and S-S2 – Design and Site inspection accreditation for Waste Water collection DN375-750mm,
  • D-SW and S-SW – Design and Site inspection accreditation for Storm Water,
  • S-W2 – Site inspection accreditation for Water supply DN375-750mm.

Our accreditation details are displayed on Sydney Water’s website.

A Sydney Water accredited Construction Company

Ausflow’s Construction Department is a Sydney Water accredited constructor, whose expertise has been recognized by the industry when being awarded the numerous following accreditations for minor works and major works on Sydney Water’s assets. This polyvalence makes us unique as we can offer the continuity in delivering Sydney Water services for the vast majority of developer’s ambitious projects as they progress from the design stage to the construction and finalization stage. The standardised accreditations held by our construction department are:

  • PE – PE pipe systems
  • LP – Pressure Sewer Systems,
  • RW – Recycled Water,
  • MS – Minor Sewer,
  • S1 – Sewerage Reticulation (150mm to 300mm),
  • S2 – Sewerage Reticulation (300mm to 750mm),
  • W1 – Water Reticulation (150 to 375mm),
  • W2 – Sewerage Reticulation (300mm to 750mm),
  • W3 – Water Reticulation (750 to 1,200mm),
  • D1 – Licensed plumber accredited by Sydney Water to apply/perform/supervise water services connections.This last accreditation (D1) allows us to perform drillings for the connection of potable water services to Sydney Water’s assets.

Certified to Sydney Water’s accredited companies standards

We are ISO accredited Consulting Engineers and Managers and possess an Integrated Management System that is compliant with the following standards:

Quality Assurance and Quality Management to ISO 9001

Ausflow Pty Ltd is a Quality Assured Company and has been consistently awarded third-party accreditation by external auditors such as Das Certification. We have a separate Internal Audit Plan which is undertaken every six months as per the requirements for Sydney Water accredited companies.

All construction, quality control and project management tasks are undertaken in strict adherence to these plans and the relevant Sydney Water Standards when performing Sydney Water services.

Environmental Management Systems to ISO 14001 and NSW Government’s Guidelines

Ausflow is also proactive in protecting Australia’s natural environment and strives to prevent pollution in any form and observes the latest sustainability practices in its day-to-day operations while delivering Sydney Water services to its clients.

Occupational Health and Safety Management to AS/NZ4801

As a Sydney Water accredited company, Ausflow implements daily a well-developed structure of OH&S systems aligned to AS/NZS 4801, and is committed to observing the processes of reporting, health assessment and evaluation of the HIRAC (Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Control process) in an effort to work towards the elimination of work-related injuries within the Sydney Water accredited companies.

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