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We have over 30 years of service experience which includes the construction of Sydney Water Assets and sewer location. We are fully equipped to conduct additional Major and Minor Works including concrete encasements and can even determine if an existing sewer is affected by a new building, pool or any other structure.

At Ausflow we are proud of our reputation in supplying reliable, professional and experienced  services to all areas of Sydney. When you hire Ausflow, you’ll be assured of timely and efficient work from an approved and fully insured Sydney Water supplier.

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Concrete Encasement

Ausflow Sydney Services

Minor Works

Ausflow are highly experienced in all aspects of minor work including:

  • Sidelines up to 12m
  • Cutting in junctions
  • Encasements up to 25m
  • Domestic sewer relocations
  • Boring piers on either side of sewers

Major Works

Ausflow have all the necessary equipment to complete any Major Works including:

  • Relocate and/or divert existing sewer and water mains.
  • Constructing Manholes
  • Pier Boring

Section 73 Applications

This is a one off fee set by Sydney Water for an application for Section 73 compliance.

The application involves composing a Design plan for the proposed development and calculation of Hydraulic Flows, Rates and Demands for Waste Water, Potable Water and Recycled Water.

Inspections for Building Plan Approvals

These site visits are conducted to determine if the works that are being constructed adjacent to or on a Sydney Water asset is in accordance with the stamped Structural Engineering / Design Plans.

Building Plan Approvals

This service includes stamping of plans for approval, Project Management of Minor Construction (Concrete encasement or New Junctions) composing a project requirements letter and a Project Completion Certificate (PCP) and registration of works within Sydney Water’s system.

Service Location (Pegouts)

This service determines the location and environment of the existing Sydney Water Asset within, or adjacent to your proposed development.



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