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Sydney Water Major Works Contractors

Ausflow’s construction department is an officially listed Sydney Water Major Works Contractor with extensive plumbing, pipelaying, concreting and all industry’s trades experience across all the greater Sydney region in all kinds of Sydney Water Major Works for sewer, potable water and stormwater including:

  • Sewer diversion,
  • Sewer relocation,
  • Sewer main construction (gravity and pressure),
  • Manholes constructions,
  • Watermain construction and relocation,
  • Sydney Water stormwater construction works.

We hold accreditations under the following normalized categories for Sydney Water Major Works:

  • PE – PE pipe systems
  • LP – Pressure Sewer Systems
  • RW – Recycled Water
  • MS – Minor Sewer
  • S1 – Sewerage Reticulation (300mm to 750mm)
  • W1 – Water Reticulation (150 to 375mm)
  • W2 – Water Reticulation (375 to 750mm)
  • W3 – Water Reticulation (750 to 1,200mm)
  • D1– Licensed plumber accredited by Sydney Water to apply/perform/supervise water services connections


Sydney Water Major Works Contractor’s standards

We have a dedicated office-based project manager for all our Sydney Water Major Works construction projects. As Sydney Water Major Works Contractors, we hold all the required public liability insurances and QMS certifications. Our project management and quality insurance services cover all the needs to complete any project, including:

  • Coordination of the construction commencement stage and organize any inspections required by Sydney Water and/or the WSC,
  • Liaise with Sydney Water, and/or Sydney Water Representatives through-out the entire duration of the project,
  • Submission of Sydney Water Major Works project specific Insurances & Project Quality Assurance documents including Safe Work Methods Statement, Environmental Management Plant, Construction Management Plan and Incident Management Plan,
  • Carry out toolbox talks on site when required as per Sydney Water Major Works Contractor’s standards or client’s internal policies,
  • Site supervision, levels checks and pro-active problem solving skill,
  • Desktop or site investigation of existing mains and other underground utility services,
  • Dial before you dig services,
  • All required site visits and meetings.

Sydney Water Major Works services

Our site crew and experienced foremen are well trained to carry out all the Sydney Water Major Works Contractors’ required tasks, including:

  • Organize services location and marking of existing services with our in-house services location team,
  • Implementing confined space measures (tripod, gas detector…) if required,
  • Site safety measures,
  • Manage and organize traffic control specialized companies to assist,
  • Install trafficable road plates if required,
  • Floatage in and out of all required plants, equipment and tools,
  • Carry out all excavation and benching/shoring of trenches, using 0.8 to 13.5t excavators to respond to the scale and accessibility of all projects,
  • Supply all parts and fittings,
  • Supply and transportation of backfilling materials,
  • Organize all required testing as per Sydney Water’s standard,
  • Backfilling and compacting of trenches,
  • Temporary restoration of disturbed roads and footpaths surfaces (hot mix/cold mix).

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All excess spoil can be removed at the end of sewer concrete encasements or other Sydney Water Major Works or Minor Works.

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