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Sydney Water Section 73

Ausflow’s coordination department has recently received a renewed proof of confidence from the waterboard, having been awarded an extended 5 years renewable contract as a Sydney Water accredited Water Servicing Coordinator, starting in January 2019. Our project managers, engineering team and coordinators can assist you through the processes of Sydney Water Tap In approvals for new developments, and other required certificates such as the section 73 Sydney Water for the most complex projects. Being fully accredited for services ranging from services protection reports (peg out) to Sydney Water Tap Inapprovals, feasibility applications and designs, or Sydney Water section 73 anticipated requirements for subdivisions and mixed/industrial/commercial projects, we provide a holistic and cost efficient approach to each specific development. Our accredited construction department can then proceed to the pipelaying and maintenance structures construction works if any are required knowing they can count on our project manager’s reliability and reactivity to assist with all work site circumstances.

Sydney Water Tap In

This is the entry point to the Sydney Water approval process for many developers. It is important to lodge a Sydney Water Tap In application properly and with the adequate timing suiting your project’s timeframes. Our experienced team can assist you through this process and make sure the correct information is entered, avoiding delay further down the road. Depending on the nature and location of the developments, the Sydney Water Tap In algorithm or human reviewers may flag the need for further investigations, such as peg out and Building Plan Approvals, for which you can find detailed informations on our website.

A number of particular categories of developments also need the section 73 Sydney Water as a Development Consent letter requirement, or to get approved solutions to deviate, relocate or adjust existing Sydney Water assets within the developed lots. A Sydney Water section 73 certificate is also required for most of the subdivision projects to ensure each lot is correctly serviced as per Water Agencies’ standards. We propose joint quotes and package pricing for combined Peg Out, Sydney Water Tap In and section 73 services.

Section 73 Sydney Water Application or Adjustment & Deviation Applications and Design

For subdivisions, minor and major projects requiring the adjustment/deviation of strategic Sydney Water assets or construction of new sewer and/or water services and connections, Ausflow can assist you with obtaining the Sydney Water Section 73 Certification for your development. Our services include composing an application plan for the proposed development and submission of the application package to Sydney Water on your behalf in order to obtain the Notice Of Requirements (NOR) from section 73 Sydney Water officers. This document may state that further plan review (in addition to the Sydney Water Tap In approval), minor works or major works construction is required prior to the release of the Sydney Water Section 73 certificate. Our in-house designers and engineering team, using the latest AutoCAD software, and our project managers can then assist with the design and construction management process, liaising with Sydney Water’s case officers throughout the entire process until final inspections and handover of ownership of pipe assets to Sydney Water, and the release of the Section 73 Sydney Water compliance certificate from the water board.

Sydney Water section 73 compliance pricing as a one-off fee.

The application involves composing an Application plan for the proposed development and documenting Hydraulic Flows, Rates and Demands for Waste Water, Potable Water and Recycled Water.

After 21 days (usual turnaround time for section 73 Sydney Water team to review these applications) of the application being submitted, Sydney Water will then release the “Notice Of Requirements”. This is a formal document which will specify the requirements to obtain your Sydney Water Section 73 certification. Obtaining a Section 73 Certificate requirement will usually stated in you council DA prior to Construction Certificate / Commencement, but if you are unsure whether or not you need this service please contact our friendly staff to enquire.

Price: $1,500.00 plus GST – APPLICATION FEE

Section 73 Sydney Water – Application Form

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