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I write in praise of the team from Ausflow who came to our home on Wednesday, 8 May 2019 to encase the Sydney Water sewer in anticipation of the pool which we plan to have constructed in the garden.

Jay and Matt spearheaded the operation on Wednesday, 8 May 2019. I struggled to find anything about which to be other than 100% delighted with their work and their approach to the job. They were a fantastic team: punctual, prompt, pleasant, efficient, friendly, hard-working (sweat doesn’t lie!), considerate and diligent. Before they began work, they took the trouble to ensure that I had spoken with my neighbours about the effect of the projected day’s work, on their access to their properties (…the very last thing anyone needs in this space, is a disgruntled neighbour!). They got to work without mucking about: even though my dog did his best to distract them, they were focussed and on task. They worked hard and efficiently. They were considerate. When it looked as though the excavator was going to bruise part of a rocky outcrop, before starting that part of the job, Jay informed me that was likely to happen and asked me if that was OK. To my observation, Matt and Jay appeared to work very well together.

Another impressive part of the operation, was the team from Nifty Concrete Pumping. There had clearly been some first rate communication between Ausflow and Nifty beforehand: the concrete appeared to arrive at just the right time so as to minimise the effect of trucks, equipment, etc, in the street and to ensure a smooth project. At least to my lay eye, the actual concrete pour went off seamlessly. The fellows from Nifty were friendly, prompt, hard-working and efficient.

Although the garden does look different after the encasing of a Sydney Water sewer running through the property, that is totally to be expected. Matt and Jay cleaned up after the job. They replaced the portion of the fence which they had had to remove, efficiently and well. They were assiduous in keeping me in the loop and ensuring that I was kept informed of their progress so that I could, in turn, keep my neighbours informed as to access issues.

I recommend Ausflow – in particular, the Jay & Matt combo – and Nifty Concrete, without reservation, for sewer encasing assignments.

Thank you very much for providing such a great start to our project.
I have my fingers crossed that the rest of it goes as well. Ausflow and Nifty have provided a very good omen.

Best regards,

Ginta Viliunas