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Sydney Water Project Management and Design Services

Sydney Water Project Management and Design services

As a fully accredited provider for Water Servicing Coordination, Ausflow’s coordination department can assist with your project at all stages. Our engineering and project management team offer early consultancy, practical design and close out administrative services to ensure your development is in compliance with Sydney Water’s requirements and the section 73 or deviation/adjustment applications needed for your project are handled efficiently and consistenly from start to finish. We offer project tailored packages including all Sydney Water Project Management, design, and inspections services at advantageous conditions for developers. These packages suit all your needs for services such as:

  • Design,
  • Consultancy,
  • Project Management,
  • Building Plan Approvals,
  • Section 73 certificates for subdivision (dual occupancies, strata and torrens title), or for
    commercial/high rise residential/mixed developments,
    Over the years, our dedicated coordination team has built successful business relationships with human sized companies and developers, and we can assist specialised niche businesses with the Sydney Water project management specific for smaller projects. Our returning clients, for which we offer standardized package deals for their whole range, may be:
  • Granny Flats specialists,
  • Pool and spa builders,
  • Architects managing additions and alterations projects, as well as new developments
  • Restoration projects, requiring upgrading of connections of an existing property to Sydney Water’s reticulation networks to meet new standards
  • Our engineering and design team also takes care of a portfolio of larger developers and builders, who often need specialised technical advice for the Sydney Water Project Management required for larger subdivisions, minor and major projects requiring the adjustment/deviation of strategic Sydney Water assets or construction of new sewer and/or water services and connections.

    Our core services include the essential initial 2 steps to undertake in order to obtain Section 73 Certification for your development:

  • composing an application plan for the proposed development
  • submission of the application package on your behalf in order to obtain the Notice Of Requirements (NOR) from Sydney Water. This document may state that a Building Plan Approval, minor works or major works construction is required prior to the release of the Section 73 certificate.
  • To provide you with high quality design output, our in-house designers use the latest AutoCAD software, and have access to high resolution NearMaps imagery platform. Our project managers can then assist with the administrative, procurement and construction management process. The Sydney Water project management team has access to e-Developer and other exclusive tools for Sydney Water’s listed providers, allowing them to liaise with Sydney Water’s case officers throughout the entire process until the final inspections are completed and the relocated or newly designed assets are handed over to Sydney Water, allowing the release of the Section 73 compliance certificate from Sydney Water.

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